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Does Triple Antibiotic Cream Help Acne

Answer #3 Dont bother with all of those fancy acne treatments! They NEVER work! Buy some triple antibiotic ointment plus (yes, the stuff that you put on cuts) and put it on your pimples at night before bed. The next morning, your pimple will be almost gone and there will hardly be any redness! please trust me on this! Here are some steps to employ to get the best from your antibiotic cream for acne: Don’t Scrub too Hard There is always the temptation to scrub your skin hard if you have acne. But it is important not to do that. This is because scrubbing like that would aggravate any skin prone to acne, making matters worse. Wash and Exfoliate Combining antibiotic therapy with other acne treatments like benzoyl peroxide cream or wash can help to protect against antibiotic resistance.

Some doctors may recommend that you take a probiotic when you are prescribed oral antibiotics. This can be as simple as a yoghurt drink or spoonful of yoghurt! Seeing a doctor for acne

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