"Set sail for adventure!"

Sets sail: August 14, 2020.
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  A treasure trove of tales . . .

From the high seas to high orbit, from swashbucklers to space corsairs. 

  Here be monsters - human and supernatural, time travelers and spacemen, buccaneers, and ghosts . . .

  Twelve gems, each with an illustration. Includes my tale of the historical "Jewish Pirate of the Caribbean" Moses Cohen Henriques.

 (Yes, Elizabeth, there were Jewish pirates in the Age of Sail -- and Spain and its Inquisition trembled.)

"The Mouth of the Wicked, by Bob Finegold, tells a pirate tale filled with many twists and turns. It’s a tale about family, and loss, and how seeing the whole picture can change our perception on what we know, or think we know. I enjoyed this story for the history and the passion of the characters, driven by their own shared history, and their understanding of shared events."

--Geoff Habiger's Reviews



Edited by Robert B Finegold


"The street is unlike any other."


14 stories to amaze, delight, and touch the heart. 

An anthology by award-winning and nominated

edgy new voices in science fiction and fantasy.

* Rebecca Birch * Nick T. Chan * Jennifer Campbell-Hicks *

* Philip Brian Hall * K. L. Schwengel * Rachelle Harp * M. E. Garber * * Dustin Adams * Frank Dutkiewicz * M. Elizabeth Ticknor *

* Sean Monaghan * William R. D. Wood * Julie Frost *

* Scott R. Parkin * Kary English * Robert B. Finegold, M.D. *


- Illustrated -






“Like trying strange and unusual foods, finding new writers to love and follow can be a chaotic, hit and miss experience. This anthology offers delicious and exotic creations by some of the best new writers in the speculative fiction field.“

--William Ledbetter, 2016 Nebula award winning author of “The Long Fall Up.”


“3rd and Starlight is an enchanting mix of tales from up-and-coming authors from Birch’s gentle story of passage to English and Finegold’s saga of love and honor among immortals. There’s something for every reader. Every piece has its own delights!”

--J. Kathleen Cheney, Locus award winning author of “The Golden City.”


“Fresh new discoveries and recent favorites from vibrant new voices in SF and fantasy. Remember these names!”

--Martin L. Shoemaker, WSFA award-winning author of “Today I Am Paul.”


Heart is Where the Home Is

Living in the year of COVID-19


Stay home, when out social distance, wash hands frequently, video chat with family

and friends, binge watch (not eat), exercise, do yard work, declutter, do crosswords,

play board games, paint (even if it's by number), build models -- and, of course: READ. 


FREE stories of mine to read online: 

And the Ends of the Earth For Thy Possession

           - (SF, alternate history, mystery}

* Laila Tov

           - (historical fantasy, faux-folklore)

Lirazel's Heart

           - (science fantasy)

My Pet

           - (contemporary & semi-autobiographical) [audio-video]


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