Bob's short stories include tales of science fiction, fantasy, and mixed genre (the whole mishpocha); and the occasional non-genre piece.  His tales with a smidgen of  Yiddishkeit (Jewish tradition, culture, characters, or heritage) are his most requested for reprinting. 

Edited by Robert B Finegold
[Future Finalists Publishing, DEC 2017]
Fourteen original and "directors' cut" reprint tales to astonish, delight, and touch your heart by award-winning and award-nominated edgy new voices in science fiction and fantasy.
Fifteen interior illustrations.
The Memory of Huckleberries by Rebecca Birch
The Temptation of Father Francis by Nick T. Chan and Jennifer Campbell-Hicks
The Waiting Room by Philip Brian Hall
Last Time For Everything by K. L. Schwengel
Skinners by Rachelle Harp
Amma's Wishes by M. E. Garber
Three Flash by Dustin Adams
A Green Tongue by Frank Dutkiewicz
A Matter For Interpretation by M. Elizabeth Ticknor
The Root Bridges of Haemae by Sean Monaghan
Red is the Color of My True Love's Hair by William R. D. Wood
Bad Actors by Julie Frost
In the Heart of the Flesh by Scott R. Parkin

Shattered Vessels by Kary English and Robert B. Finegold, MD
About the Anthology:
Herein are bee gods and dirigibles AI's, cyborgs and golems, thieves and djinn, distant worlds and unique alien cultures. Stories that will take you to distant worlds, introduce you to artificial intelligences, and span all Time. All at the corner of 3rd and Starlight. 


Stories of Androids, Robots, and Manufactured Humanity
Edited by Neil Clarke 
[Night Shade Books, NOV 2017]
A 672 mega-anthology with stories by Bob, Elizabeth Bear, Ken Liu, Charles Stross, Rachel Swirsky, Ian MacDonald, Catherynne M. Valente, Alistair Reynolds, Cory Doctorow, Lavie Tidhar, Martin L. Shoemaker, and others.

"What is the nature of humanity? What does it mean to be human? 

The short stories in More Human than Human demonstrate the depth and breadth of artificial humanity in contemporary science fiction."


About Bob's 


This novella is built on the premise of an alternate post-WWII world, and a New Europe; it is a very intriguing world. Rabbi Albert Makal and Officer Danel make a compelling pair. Danel is an automaton and I loved how he evaluated his status in the universe with faultless logic. ... I really liked this one.
--Monique Daouest,


 Story originally published JUL 2015 in




Cosmic Roots and Eldritch Shores -- OCT 2016


The small sward of earth and patchwork hut where the crippled tailor and his demon bride once lived was shunned for its evil, or so the villages would claim; but whether it was for the evil that once dwelt there or the evil that was inflicted upon it none would say.


When this short story made the SFWA member-submitted Nebula recommendations in 2016, editor Fran Eisemann kindly made the story free to read online.  Fran did a marvelous job in illustrating as well as the web design of the story.


edited by Donald S Crankshaw and Kristin Janz,

[Enigmatic Mirror Press, AUG 2016]


About the anthology, from the Publisher:

The Christian faith is filled with mystery, from the Trinity and the Incarnation to the smaller mysteries found in some of the strange and unexplained passages of the Bible: Behemoth and Leviathan, Nephilim and Seraphim, heroes and giants and more. There is no reason for fiction engaging with Christianity to be more tidy and theologically precise than the faith itself.

About Bob's


If you can command the wherewithal to maybe attain immortal life through an untested procedure and your only child has days to live, what would you do? A sensorily vivid, emotionally charged story that weaves between urgency and the power of memory, intensified by a yearning for the numinous, this story was nearly perfect. 

--Sherwood Smith, author of the Dobrenica Urban Fantasy series [DAW books], Goodreads review








Galaxy's Edge Magazine # 19 -- MAR - APR 2016



To Catch a Comet by Sylvia Spruck Wrigley
Pretty Pictures at War by Larry Hodges
Gianni by Robert Silverberg
Out of Print by Steve Pantazis
C/O The Village of Monsters Past by Dantzel Cherry
Auriga’s Streetcar by Jean Rabe
Montpellier by Ian Whates
Prayerville by Janis Ian
The Higher, the Fewer by Alvaro Zinos-Amaro
The Man Who Saved Manhattan by Sunil Patel
Smokie Joe by David Drake

Shattered Vessels by Kary English and Robert B. Finegold, M.D.


About Bob and Kary's


Shevirah's purpose as an assassin falters when he falls in love with an incarnation of Chesed (Kindness). English and Finegold's deftly woven kabbalist tale pits destiny against love through multiple reincarnations of the characters, spanning thousands of years. The narration brings these large themes down to a personal level so that readers will identify with the protagonist's plight despite the large time-span. Readers do not need to be familiar with the Kabbalah to enjoy this story.

--Michelle Ristuccia, Tangent OnLine, March 8, 2016.



edited by Elizabeth Hirst,

[Pop Seagull Press, OCT 2015]


From the Publisher's listing:

Artificial life forms are often created to serve human ends... but do they have the capacity to understand human emotions and sexuality?


In this volume, seventeen authors address this question. Their answers are sexy, funny, sweet and sometimes chilling. Read on for an exploration of the boundaries of our human experience, and a look at the possibilities inherent in artificial consciousness.

About Bob's

LIRAZEL'S HEART:  the tale of a master artificer who learns he cannot manipulate love.


The story has wowed all of our beta readers so far, they can't say enough about your style. You very much earned your place as the first story through your striking concept and approachable take on the theme.

--Elizabeth Hirst, Editor


Rita read Lirazel's Heart out loud the other night and what a truly marvelous story it is. I can't say enough about it! It has left a lasting impression on my heart. 

--Michael Tortorello, Pegana Press






edited by Dustin Adams,

[1st edition, MAY 2016; 2nd edition, Future Finalists Press, OCT 2017]

From the Publisher's listing:

Eleven stories from today's emerging science fiction and fantasy authors. Journey into the future where androids fight our wars, and venture into magical lands where fiancés are turned into... cows. From deep space to war-torn countrysides, these tales will whisk you to the darkness of deep space, distant lands of enchantment, and the shadowed corners of the supernatural.


Kindle My Heart by Rebecca Birch
Shore Leave by Jennifer Campbell-Hicks
One Wicked Day by Frank Dutkiewicz
Riding the Tubeworm by Sean Monaghan
Reticence by Scott R. Parkin
Doorways by Nick T. Chan
Residual Humanity by Dustin Adams
The Cow and the Beanstock by Julie Frost
Birds of Paradise by Sky McKinnon
And The Ends of the Earth For Thy Possession
 by Robert B. Finegold

Ghost to My FIngertips by Rachelle Harp



edited by Sky McKinnon,

[1st edition, AUG 2015; 2nd edition, Future Finalists Press, AUG 2017]


From the Publisher's listing:

In these pages, you will find stories old and new, eyes to the future and to the past. Dreams of science fiction and fantasy alike. Sweeping journeys and quiet contemplation. Love and sacrifice. I leave you at the intersection between our little slice of reality and the never-ending roads of stardust, and hope you enjoy your stay.



Catch a Fallen Star by Jennifer Campbell-Hicks

Shoeless by Fi Michel

Life Out of Harmony by Rebecca Birch
The Minder's Bond by Kary English

The Artist Fades Away by Holly Heisey

Guardians of Public Safety by Julie Frost

Shepherd of the Spheres by William R. D. Wood

The Witch's Curse by Robert B. Finegold, M.D.

The Factory Amidst the Stars by Dustin Adams

The Recycle of Life by Frank Dutkiewicz
Twisted Electricity by Sean Monaghan
The Skinn Script by Stephanie Lorée

[Absolute Zero] by Scott R. Parkin

Watch Over Me Always by Sky McKinnon


About Bob's

THE WITCH'S CURSE: The witch is dead, and that is not a good thing. A post-apocalyptic story of change and self-discovery.


Truly horrifying.

--James Stoddard, Compton-award winning author of The High House







Two flash-length (mostly) non-fiction Yiddishkeit tales.



FLASHQUAKE Volume 4 Issue 11 -- Summer 2011

A young physician learns from his dying patient that life is truly eternal.



FLASHQUAKE Volume 4 Issue 10 -- Spring 2011


The smallest things can be the greatest miracles. A story from the Holocaust.



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