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robert b finegold md is a recently retired physician, a radiologist by specialty, who lives in Maine. His experience includes academic as well as clinical radiology, student education, and chairing both state and national committees of the American College of Radiology.


But before all that, he was a grade school science nerd about the time the term was coined. This is just a coincidence. His photograph does not appear next to the word in Webster's dictionary despite what his elder brother claimed (Bob knows -- he checked). From bugs to stars, young bob devoured science books . . . and then discovered Asimov, Clarke, and Silverberg, and subsequently Bradbury, Tolkien, Dunsany, and Smith. He's been traveling in far places ever since.


As an undergraduate, he majored in English (again evoking chortles from his brother), with focus on Creative Writing and British Literature. He collected his first personal rejections from Asimov's and Fantasy & Science Fiction back then before putting down his pen and taking up a stethoscope (a career in medicine being his back-up plan).


And there that pen passed out of knowledge and legend, to paraphrase the good Professor Tolkien.

Many decades later while vacationing, appropriately, beside a body of water, Bob finished editing his father (of blessed memory)'s fifth novel and was suddenly struck with a moment of uncertainty on what he should do next. His long-dormant Muse arose like Malory's Lady of the Lake (or Keat's La Belle Dame Sans Merci) and thrust that metaphorical pen back into his hand. He's been scribbling ever since.


Bob's published speculative short fiction first appeared in JUL 2015 with his first professionally published tale in MAR 2016 (See: Works). A multiple Writers of the Future contest finalist, he has been a guest panelist and a moderator at regional conventions such as Boskone, Can-Con, Albacon and Arisia which he finds marvelous fun. He is the consultant editor of Myths, Legends, and Fairy Tales for the online magazine Cosmic Roots and Eldritch Shores  and reads for the new Future Science Fiction Digest as well. He also edited the anthology 3rd and Starlight (Future Finalists Publishing, 2017). 

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