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SOLD OUT! How delightful. And it seems they are having me for dinner :)

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In support of the Congregation Bet Ha'am's fundraiser, I jotted off a new partly autobiographical literary short just before the submission deadline (I know, I always seem to find out about these things late). I am pleased to have again been invited to be a guest reader.

Unlike Red Buttons of the Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts who complained: "He never got a dinner" -- I will. And Ruth as well. :) As a special treat, my daughter Hannah will join us to see her old man perform.

Now, I've read my work at a number of SFF a whole audience of two or three and, in a group author reading, to a whole baker's dozen!

But at "A Storied Affair," I have had, and am pleased to have again, the opportunity to read a wee tale of mine to hundreds of captive hungry fellow landsmen. When I'm done, THEN they can eat. :D

These are the times when you feel such a thrill from the kishkes.

My thanks to the selection committee, the event organizers, the marvelous chef and staff, and the entire congregation of Bet Ha'am for the honor. Mazel tov on another successful fundraiser in support of all the good works you perform on behalf of the community.


Here is the order of the evening's readings and courses:


Jane Sloven - Rufus

Off The Page - The Heart of the World


Segment 2

Abby Staberg - Return Trip

Soup Course

Segment 3

Anna Seigel - Home Planet

Anna Bat- Chai Wrobel - Concert in Galilee and Wondering Jew

Richard Peterson - Sunrise in Santorini

Salad Course

Segment 4

Robert Finegold - My Pet

Dinner Course


Segment 5

Laurence Gardner - Return to Ethiopia

Sarah Cropley - reading Mark Melnikov's From Foreign Lands They Settled

Announcements and Raffle Drawing

Segment 6

Roxanne Baker - The Heirloom

Dessert buffet

Time to schmooze

Congregation Bet Ha'am

81 Westbrook St

South Portland Me 04106

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