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2017 OCT 10 -

It's (nearing) the 1st of the month, time for the next update.

I'm pleased to share the 3RD AND STARLIGHT anthology layout and design is just a smidge from completion, and what a beautiful volume it will be!

Drop caps for the start of each story, special characters for section breaks ("rocket" for science fiction and "starlight" - of course - for fantasy)... Here's just a peek from the Introduction.

...AND (*fanfare*), each story is ILLUSTRATED by the multi-talented M. Elizabeth Ticknor!!

All the preceding enhancements will be present in BOTH the ebook and the print editions. Our ebook is not treated as a poor second in the care placed in its beauty of its design. Our CInderella will truly be the belle of the ball.

And there is still more to come!

3RD AND STARLIGHT Edited by Robert B. Finegold Cover art by Lou Harper Interior Illustrations by M. Elizabeth Ticknor

Coming this 2017 holiday season. Getting even closer!

An anthology of 14 tales of wonder by award-winning authors, finalists, and semi-finalists (e.g. Writers of the Future, Hugo, Cambell, Aurealis, and more). This year's collection of science fiction and fantasy stories from new talents:

TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction: Back and Foreword----------- Robert B. Finegold, MD The Memory of Huckleberries --------------- Rebecca Birch The Temptation of Father Francis ---------- Nick T. Chan and Jennifer Campbell-Hicks The Waiting Room ---------------------------- Philip Brian Hall Last Time For Everything -------------------- K. L. Schwengel Skinners ---------------------------------------- Rachelle Harp Amma's Wishes ------------------------------- M. E. Garber Three Flash ------------------------------------ Dustin Adams A Green Tongue ------------------------------ Frank Dutkiewicz A Matter For Interpretation ----------------- M. Elizabeth Ticknor The Root Bridges of Haemae --------------- Sean Monaghan Red is the Color of My True Love's Hair --- William R. D. Wood Bad Actors ------------------------------------- Julie Frost In the Heart of the Flesh -------------------- Scott R. Parkin Shattered Vessels ----------------------------- Kary English and Robert B.Finegold, MD

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