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Okay, that's me followed by my lovely wife (and leaving my older beloved brother obscured in snow spray--heehee). Post-retirement from medicine bliss. Otherwise, I thinks (some), wonders (a lot), and writes a bit. Sometimes, I publishes--traditionally (thank you, editors) and independently. To date more the former than the latter, but this may change.

Since emerging from the dark confines of my radiology office, I've met so many wonderful people in the SFF community : fellow writers, editors, publishers, convention organizers, and fans. I haven't had such general social pleasure (or opportunity, admittedly) in years. I'm very happy. It's true -- despite the angst and somber tenor of many of my published stories, which I will point out all end with a smidge of hope. Okay, nearly all.

Live. Love. Be kind.

Dr. Bob

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