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Reading, Writing, & ARISIAtricks

Arisia 2018 has "con and gone" but the memories linger.

While only my sixth convention, I discovered Arisia to be the most colorful in terms of its enthusiastic crowds of costumed attendees (pictures of a number may be enjoyed on Arisia's site). Among the happy carnival atmosphere of the inventively-attired throng, my tweed jacket, black sacks, and polished shoes I imagined elicited stares and whispered comments of "Will you look at that? How weird!" ;)

Here, let me show you a photo from my reading session ( a few more I'll post on facebook):

Yours truly with (to my far right) the delightful Genevieve Iseult Eldredge - who read from her new YA Dark Fey romance Moribund., and (next to me) the marvelous multi-talented DC/Vertigo editor and author Alisa Kwitney (awesome tidbit: Alisa is the daughter of the great SF short story writer Robert Sheckley). Alissa invited Genevieve and I to participate in her reading from her new YA Frankenstein re-telling: Cadaver and Queen. I voiced the character of "Victor," including a few inarticulate moans (not monster moans, IS a YA SFF romance >blush<).

I don't write YA, yet here I was. 8* I chose to read the opening of "Lirazel's Heart," my cliff-world tale of an old artificer who transfers the loyalty and love of his automaton servant to his bereaved son-in-law and discovers there are some things even he can't command. For a time, I've added the complete story in my last blog post for the attendees of our reading panel - and for you - to (I hope) enjoy.

My other three panels?

  • Finding Alexandria: Libraries in Science Fiction Fantasy (see earlier blog post);

  • Out of the Shadows: Spiritual Traditions in SFF , and

  • Writing Faith Into Your Fiction

Great fun. The knowledge and experience of my fellow panelists was a delight as was that of the audience. I love coming away from panels with new friends, more great reading suggestions, and new ideas. :)

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