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When The World is Your Oyster (and needs just a splash of mignonette)...

...BE the mignonette. :)

I attended the 2018 Superstars Writing Seminar (SWSS) JAN 31- FEB 3rd, beginning with a walk through The Garden of The Gods in Colorado Springs with NYT best-selling author Kevin J Anderson and ending with a brief (I had to leave early*) listen to NYT best-selling author Brandon Sanderson.

This was a repeat (NOT remedial...okay, a bit remedial) seminar for me. SWSS's tagline is "Teaching You The Business of Writing." With 2017 being my year of learning editing and publishing (i.e. 3RD AND STARLIGHT, available at fine retailers. Go. Look), and my hope to ramp up my work on my own creative works-in-progress, the Seminar with its Tribal community atmosphere and great faculty is a wonderful kick-in-the-pants (and, no, I'm not masochistic -- well, maybe a tiny smidge). Here's WOTF contest winner Steve Pantaszis and I being attentive in class...

Or what I'm really thinking...

[From our double secret probation Group SWSS 2018 Facebook page (photo by Katie Curtis)]:

Robert Finegold Secretly considering his plans for world dominion...

Robert Finegold Or, quite possibly: "I hope I can sit through this entire lecture before I have to gayn pishen." (Yiddish: "go pee).

Robert Finegold But the reality is: "James Artermis Owen is a marvelous and inspirational speaker."

Jace Killan awesome photo

Steve Pantazis Great photo. Your smile indicates your plan to dominate the world, thanks to James' inspirational speech.

* I left a little early (but I bought the program audio collection so I could catch-up --

"there's so much tasty here" [Jayne Cobb, Firefly reference], I didn't want to miss anything).

Good excuse, though. I was meeting my brother and sister in Vail, CO for a 4 day ski trip to celebrate the life of Donald E Finegold, our father of blessed memory who passed away JAN 2017, an indie author in his last decade as well: website.

I will share pictures of both events upon my return, after a week of preparing taxes. Death and taxes.... on my mind the last two weeks, poetic and sad; but your old-young retired doc-author is traveling yet again and will return the end of the month. And wait until you see those photos as well. They'll be Eigerciting. ;)

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